Matti Roloux

Matti Roloux Chief Terabyte Officer

Computer science graduate, and lover of all things geeky. Matti is an optimist that loves tackling challenges. He believes nothing is impossible, as long as you try hard enough. That applies both to work and to his other passion: cycling.

Ben Verbeken

Ben Verbeken Chief Everything Officer

Software developer by trade, economist by education. Ben believes that simplicity leads to beauty. When not coding, he's playing: either horsey with his kids, tabletop RPG's with friends or the piano by himself.

Ben Verbeken

Joren De Wachter Chief Opportunity Officer

Startup specialist. Formerly known as a lawyer and IP strategist, he moved from advice to the real thing.
A good listener, Joren values understanding and understands value. Aspiring polymath and nexialist, plays a mean guitar.