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developer Free
  • Just want to give a spin?
    Try it for free, no risk!
  • No minimum commitment
  • 1 event for 30 days
  • floor plans of up to 500 seats
  • branded floor plans
  • e-mail support
pay as you go 0.15 / used seat
no minimum
  • Our most flexible package:
    Pay only for what you use
  • No minimum commitment
  • unlimited events
  • floor plans of unlimited size
  • floor plans can be whitelabeled
  • e-mail & phone support
Subscription 0.08 / used seat
minimum € 395 / month
  • Lower per-seat price
    with a minimum monthly commitment
  • minimum monthly payment
    € 395 for first 5,000 seats
  • unlimited events
  • floor plans of unlimited size
  • floor plans can be whitelabeled
  • e-mail and phone support
  Want more?
We have done things like:
  • volumes beyond 1 million seats
  • multi-country implementations
  • tailored features
  • and more!

We can even design your floor plans for you!

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How do I sign up for a paid plan?
Contact us at We’re very light on admin, the typical process takes only a couple of minutes.
How can I pay?
We'll send you a monthly invoice, which you can pay by PayPal or wire transfer.
How long are your contracts?
It depends. If nothing specific is agreed, the standard is monthly rolling. But we are happy to talk to you about longer-term commitments. Contact us at
What is a 'used seat'?
A used seat is a seat that is firmly assigned to a customer at the end of the booking process. In technical terms, it is defined as

the first statusChange of a seat in an event. All subsequent statusChanges for that seat for that event are included in the same single use count. Sole exception is temporary reservation of a seat by use of reserveOnSelect, which does not trigger use if it is the only statusChange used.
This means that the whole process of one end customer actually using one seat (normally resulting in a booking for a specific event), regardless of the number of status changes necessary to achieve that, is counted as one use.
Is a 'used seat' the same as a ‘sold ticket’?
Often, but not necessarily. When an end customer books a seat, but the ticket is free (or paid by a sponsor), we still consider that to be a used seat.
What does 'whitelabeling' mean?
It means your customers won't see the powered by link on the bottom right of floor plans that are rendered within your web application. As a result, the floor plans look like a fully integrated part of your own website.
What is an 'event’?
If you sell the seats in a venue one time, that’s what we call an event. So an event is a single performance of a show, a single football match, a single concert.
A 'group of events' is what we call a season, even if it contains just 3 single events on consecutive days, or even on the same day.
How much does it cost to integrate into my own website?
We don’t charge any connectivity or technology fee – you only pay us for your actual use. This means that your cost of integration is limited to your internal cost of integrating with, following our documentation.
How long does it take to integrate with
It depends. You can start selling tickets for one event with one seating chart in a matter of hours. More complex scenarios (multiple events, season tickets, reserveOnSelect, integration of the floor plan designer, best available seat selection, etc), are supported, but will obviously require more integration time. How much more time depends on your exact needs.
Can I use only parts of (like the floor plan designer)?
No. We believe in simplicity and efficiency. Splitting up parts of the plugin would make things much more complicated, both from a business and technical point of view, which would, in the end, force us to push up pricing. That’s why we only offer the full package.
Can I install on my own servers?
No. is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that runs in the cloud. We maintain our servers, security and updates so that you don't have to. Again, this allows us to offer the pricing we do.
Do you offer high-volume discounts?
Yes we do. Please contact us at and let us know what volume you anticipate and can commit to.
What about seasonal fluctuation or annual subscription?
We have special deals for seasonal fluctuation or annual subscription, but they depend on anticipated usage. Contact us at for more details.
Do you offer discounts to non-profit users or customers?
No, we don’t. In short, we believe the value of our offering is the same, and we offer a pricing that is based on the value we provide.
Furthermore, we’re not convinced that non-profits only “do good”, where for-profits only “do business”. Jason Fried (Basecamp founder) wrote an excellent blog post on the topic.