laptop showing interactive seating chart

let your users select their seats

All it takes for them is a click of the mouse.
Because we all know a good customer is a happy customer, right?

Fully customizable

You can change the color, stroke and size of booked and free seats. Or change the chart's behaviour when users hover, select, deselect seats.

Mobile Friendly.

Seating charts are rendered on an html canvas, which modern browsers support out of the box. Meaning: mobile users can also enjoy your seating charts.

API driven

You can talk to using a REST API to book and release seats, create events and retrieve event and chart data. Also, we're working on some client libraries to make things really easy.

Push support

Whenever you book or release seats through the API, we'll instantly push the update to all currently connected clients.

Built for scalability is a fully stateless web app: no session info is ever stored on our servers, making horizontal scaling a breeze.