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How does it work?

Design a seating chart

Our online drawing tool was specifically built to easily draw seating charts. You want sections, rows, tables, automatic seat numbering, curves, static text?
We've got you covered.

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Create events

To be able to re-use your seating charts, you can create multiple events for a single seating chart, either via the dashboard or through our API.


Show the seating chart on your page

It's dead simple: just include a single js file and some dependencies in your html page and define the event for which you want to show a seating chart. Of course, you can customize chart appearance, pricing, and much more.

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Book & release seats through our API

After your customer has booked some seats, call our book/release api, and we'll make sure that these seats will be unavailable for the next visitor.
Seat status changes even get pushed to all *current* visitors. No more double bookings, yay!

laptop showing interactive seating chart

let your users select their seats

All it takes for them is a click of the mouse.
Because we all know a good customer is a happy customer, right?

customize appearance & behaviour

You can change the color, stroke and size of booked and free seats. Or change the chart's behaviour when users hover, select, deselect seats.

No Flash. Mobile Friendly.

Seating charts are rendered on an html canvas, which modern browsers support out of the box. Meaning: mobile users can also enjoy your seating charts.

API driven

You can talk to using a REST API to book and release seats, create events and retrieve event and chart data. Also, we're working on some client libraries to make things really easy.

Push support

Whenever you book or release seats through the API, we'll instantly push the update to all currently connected clients.

Built for scalability is a fully stateless web app: no session info is ever stored on our servers, making horizontal scaling a breeze.

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  • Just want to give a spin?
    Try it for free, no risk!
  • 1 event for 30 days
  • floor plans of up to 500 seats
  • branded floor plans
  • e-mail support
per event 0.15 / seat
  • Best choice for event organisers
  • Prepaid per event
  • floor plans of unlimited size
  • floor plans can be whitelabeled
  • e-mail support
Subscription 395 / month
  • great for online ticketing companies and SaaS businesses
  • unlimited events,
    up to 5000 used seats / month
  • floor plans of unlimited size
  • floor plans can be whitelabeled
  • e-mail and phone support

Want more?

We have done things like:

  • volumes beyond 1 million seats per year
  • multi-country implementations
  • specific features
  • tailored floor plan designs
  • and more!


We love to solve hard problems. Reserved seating is one of those.
By offering interactive floor plans as a service, we help you do what you do best:
sell more tickets.

Core Team

Matti Roloux

Matti Roloux Chief Terabyte Officer

Computer science graduate, and lover of all things geeky. Matti is an optimist that loves tackling challenges. He believes nothing is impossible, as long as you try hard enough. That applies both to work and to his other passion: cycling.

Ben Verbeken

Ben Verbeken Chief Everything Officer

Software developer by trade, economist by education. Ben believes that simplicity leads to beauty. When not coding, he's playing: either horsey with his kids, tabletop RPG's with friends or the piano by himself.

Ben Verbeken

Joren De Wachter Chief Opportunity Officer

Startup specialist. Formerly known as a lawyer and IP strategist, he moved from advise to the real thing.
A good listener, Joren values understanding and understands value. Aspiring polymath and nexialist, plays a mean guitar.

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