Service Level Agreement (SLA)

1. Purpose of this document

This SLA explains the standard level of service offered by

2. Who benefits?

Except where stated otherwise, this SLA applies only to paying customers of that have a valid subscription and paid their invoices properly.

3. Different service Levels & context

There is only one service level for all customers. is a SaaS plugin that requires integration with the customer’s website or mobile app. As a result, the actual performance of different aspects of (e.g. the way or speed with which a floor plan is rendered on the device of a ticket buyer) depends on many different circumstances, including aspects upstream (e.g. Web availability, performance of infrastructure providers such as AWS and Heroku) and downstream (e.g. quality of integration by the customer, customer’s own website and other software, integration with other third party products or services, web performance locally, etc). Therefore, is not responsible for the final end result - the service levels we describe only apply to our software as such.

4. Service description offers the following services :

Answering technical questions consists of explaining to users how the system works, and answering questions around integration or new features.This service is also provided to prospect customers who have taken a test account, during the trial period. is not responsible for, and will not provide services around, the actual integration of with the customer’s own or outsourced system.

Bug fixing consists of fixing errors in the performance of the system, to the extent they are reported and repeatable. Any issues in relation to the customer’s own system or the way they integrate is not included. decides alone on the resolution of any issue and the way it applies fixes or workarounds, but always tries to take into account the effect on customers and their business.

Providing new features is pretty self-explanatory. reserves the right to offer certain sets of features or functionality as premium-priced options. For more information check our pricing page.

5. Service Levels

All services and levels mentioned are provided on a reasonable endeavours basis.

Answering technical questions is provided typically during normal Belgian office hours.

Bug fixing is provided as soon as reasonably possible, taking into account the seriousness of the issue and the role of the software in the issue. If necessary this will include providing the service outside of normal Belgian office hours, subject to availability and the nature of the problem. Customers can subscribe to systems update notifications here. strives to provide 100% availability of our SaaS, and in addition is working towards bug fixing reaction availability 24/7. Although we have, at the time of writing, an excellent track record, we are not liable if we don’t achieve any particular metric.

New features are provided as and when they are ready and considered of the quality required by standards. Customers are invited and encouraged to subscribe to the change log to stay abreast of any new implementations. Given that has dozens of customers across the globe and sometimes releases many new features within a short timeframe, we don’t believe that an advance warning or approval process can be workable.

Customers who require specific features or want to move forward in time certain developments are invited to contact us.

6. Questions?

In case you have any questions in relation to the above, please contact us at

Version 1 of the SLA, 30 November 2017.