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Draw any floor plan in your browser. No coding required.

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Deliver an outstanding ticket buying experience.

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Event Manager

Manage live events. Improve occupancy.

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Seating Charts

Get existing floor plans for popular venues.

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Floor plan designer
Design beautiful charts.

The most powerful floor plan designer for ticketing - in your browser.
Draw large venues in a few hours. Adjust them on the fly. No coding required.

Tools for precision design.

The new market standard for drawing floor plans.
A streamlined set of tools that are a joy to use.

From 200 seat theaters to 100K seat stadiums.

Use sections to draw a huge stadium, general admission areas for concerts, tables for a gala, or trade booths for all sorts of events.

Embed. Let your customers create floor plans.

Embed the designer into your web application, and configure which features are available to your customers.

Beautiful shades.
Colorblind proof.

Use any of our handcrafted color palettes, carefully picked to make your charts more attractive while maximizing its accessibility, since all palettes are colorblind proof.

Trace over an existing reference chart.

The reference chart tool helps you find the right scale and row spacing to match your existing floor plan. Save time and minimize errors by drawing on top of an existing floor plan.

Multiple floors.

Draw seating charts for multi-story venues, with onion skin view of each floor below the one being currently drawn.

Plenty utility.

Copy and paste between charts. Align or evenly space objects. Snap to grid and geometry. Undo, redo, rotate or mirror. The designer has a complete tool belt that make it easier to draw a chart.

Floor plan renderer
Outstanding ticket
buying experience.

Display all sorts of charts on your platform.
Mobile and desktop.



Let people choose their seats.

Reserved seating promotes early ticket purchase and by larger groups. Generate more revenue while delivering a better attendee experience.

Use our Best Available Algorithm.

Assign the best available seats automatically or just suggest them - giving you more control and better occupancy.

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Avoid double bookings.

Real-time availability updates ensure that ticket buyers cannot book the same seat twice. Each booking corresponds to the correct ticket purchase.

Prevent orphan seats.

Empty single seats are a nightmare for every ticket seller. Our algorithm can prevent orphan seats being left behind as ticket buyers select their seats.

Selection validators docs

Temporarily hold seats.

Seats are held for the ticket buyer while making a selection, until they are booked or time out.

Hold seats docs

Fully customizable.

Toggle features, change the theme or adjust the content your audience sees.

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View from seat

Increase purchasing confidence by showing ticket buyers a view from any seat.

Scalable. 5M+ monthly bookings via

The system is built to scale, and can easily handle 10 times current volumes. A smooth seat selection process increases conversion and ticket sales, and minimises loss of ticket buyers.

99.99% available.

An extensive automated test suite and zero-downtime deployments deliver the highest reliability in town.

Floor plans and assets are served from edge caches around the world to ensure fast rendering.

Regional API servers API can be accessed from four different endpoints around the globe to minimize latency on your backend API calls, and on the overall seat picking experience of the embedded chart.

Event Manager
Manage live events.

Back office tools to manage live events.
Assign seats, toggle For Sale status and more.

Event Manager docs

Seating Charts
Buy existing charts.
Order custom made.

Browse through many ready-to-go floor plans.
If you can't find what you are looking for, you can have it drawn for you.

Browse floor plans

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