Security Bounty Program strongly believes in the value of security researchers and whitehat hackers in keeping our users, data and products safe.
To recognize this important role, we have created a bounty program.

We determine bounty eligibility at our sole discretion, based on a number of factors such as (but not limited to) risk, impact, quality of the report, and more.
The bounty awards vary by classification of the issue, but typically vary between 50€ for low, and 500€ or more for critical security issues.



These are not eligible for a bounty:

How to submit

Send an email to, containing:


Payout happens through PayPal, and we will need an invoice in order to be able to make a valid payment. The invoice should be made out to: BV
Overwindenstraat 175
3400 Landen

If you are in the EU, please add our VAT number: BE 0543 754 779