= flexible floor plans

Design your floor plans

From 200 seat theatres to 80K stadiums, from wedding seating to trade booths, with or without general admission areas, with or without sections, anything is possible.

Draw your floor plan in hours - not weeks – and adapt it on the fly in minutes, even after your event has already gone on sale.

Let them choose ...

Allowing people to choose their spots creates a sense of urgency: attendees can see other people buying tickets.
You'll sell more tickets, and you'll sell them sooner.

... or assign the best available.

Suggest the best seats to your customers, or let our algorithm take the decision for them.
You sit in the driver seat of the sales process.

Manage your inventory

Use the API to book seats whenever a ticket is bought and avoid double bookings.

Also, all floor plan views are kept in sync: when a seat gets booked through the API, it becomes immediately unavailable for selection for all other ticket buyers.

Works on every device

Today, user-friendly floor plans on mobile devices are an absolute must-have.
That's why we built to not only work great on small screens, but look awesome as well.

Allow your end users to buy reserved seating tickets on their mobile, and drive your conversion rates through the roof.


Early 2017, we process more than 500K seats/month for almost 100 customers across the globe.

Floor plans and assets are served from edge caches around the world to ensure fast rendering, avoiding frustration and loss of end customers.


Our system availability track record over the last 30 months is stellar, and second to none.

This is the result of our very extensive automated test suite and zero-downtime deployments.

Fully customizable

Create different floor plan views for online ticket buyers, box office users, administrators, VIPs, etc, by changing color, selectability, labels, icons, and more on the fly.
Make the floor plan match your process, not the other way around.

Temporary reservations

Hold seats for a while, until the ticket buyer has finished up their order.
If necessary, we'll free up the seat again automatically.

Let your customers create their own floor plans

Self service platform?
We've got you covered: simply embed our floor plan designer tool in your backoffice app, and let your customers create their own floor plans!

Readymade floor plans

We've got a large repository of floor plans ready for use, speeding up your time to market even more.
Get in touch for details!

Get started and draw your first floor plan. It's easy and free.

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