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We’re looking for creative, opinionated doers to join our team.

Frontend Js Dev

We’re looking for an awesome frontend developer with a can-do attitude.
Sounds like you? Read on!

Note No agencies! We only work with individuals.


We are a small team of 5 people building a pretty cool niche product - reserved seating tools for online ticketing - that grew from a hobby project into a healthy B2B scale-up. We’ve got customers all over the globe, and our interactive floor plans are used to book over 800k seats / month.

We are product builders pur sang. Meaning we don’t “do” architecture or project management, and we don’t blame.
Instead, we experiment, celebrate (even small) wins, and take responsibility as a team.

The Job

Your role, as part of the dev team, is to help design, build and implement the tools that together make up the product suite. In short: you’ll build stuff that matters!

Our current stack contains lots of different tools, frameworks and languages, because not everything is a nail. We don’t expect you to know everything, but sound javascript knowledge, and the ability to design and build complex UIs for the web are a minimum.

Other than that, we firmly believe in the benefits of TDD, use git, feature branches and CI, and expect you to as well. Unless you succeed in convincing the team to change, as nothing is set in stone.

We have an office in Tienen (Belgium), if you happen to live nearby that’s awesome. However, we are aware that’s a very long shot, so remote is perfectly fine.
Please do note we’ll only consider candidates who are less than 2 hours time zone difference away from Europe/Brussels, send us a picture of princess Leia with their application - just so we know you read this -, and have previous experience with working remotely.

This is a full-time position, but we’re flexible.
Compensation (salary/rate) tbd.


  • are a problem solver
  • have killer js dev skills
  • are fluent in English
  • are located in a timezone close to Europe/Brussels

Extra points if you:

  • know how to draw in a browser (canvas, SVG, webgl)
  • have experience using client-side MV* frameworks and/or react
  • know how to, and can, build complex user interfaces
  • have experience with TDD
  • can detect code smells from a mile away
  • have an opinion. We value - and expect! - your thoughts & input.
  • are focused, courageous, open, committed and respectful


Send us an email ( and tell us why you’d be a good fit.