Design your floor plan
With our online designer tool you simply draw and edit seating charts.
Right from your browser.

The floor plan designer is where you lay out your floor plan sections, and fill them up with tables or seat rows. Of course we also support advanced features such as general admission (GA) areas, booth layouts for tradeshows and automatic seat numbering.

All sizes and layouts are supported, going from small bars and restaurants, over theatres and trade show venues to 100K seat sports stadiums.

Give it a spin!

Embed the floor plan in your page
Let users select their own seat, or have the system pre-select the best available ones.

It's dead simple: just include a single js file and some dependencies in your html page and define the event for which you want to show a seating chart.

Floor plans are interactive, and their appearance and behavior are fully customizable. Want to make some seats only available to VIPs? Have the best available seats within a category auto-selected? We've got you covered!

Needless to say floor plans are mobile-friendly.

Show me an example!

Manage seat availability
Book and release seats through our API to control which seats are selectable.

After your customer has booked some seats, call our book/release api, and we'll make sure that these seats will be unavailable for the next visitor.

Seat status changes even get pushed to all other users in near-realtime. That way, everyone is up to date at all times.

Also supported: custom statuses, temporary reservation of seats while the user is still going through her booking process, and more.

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